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Professional Foundry Green Olivine Sand--120 MESH FINE--for metal casting (48lb)

Professional Foundry Green Olivine Sand--120 MESH FINE--for metal casting (48lb)

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50lb Box 

May ship as 2-25lb boxes or 1-50lb box depending on stock


  • For making molds used for metal casting
  • Reusable (no black crust or other loss like oil-bonded sands)
  • 100% Olivine Formula: olvine gives better finish and longer life than silica
  • Custom formulation for easy use and outstanding results in the small shop
  • Our sand is custom-formulated for use with hand-tools, not mechanized equipment
  • Use for precision casting with metals ranging from Zinc to Cast Iron
  • PRE-MULLED: 100% ready to use (not merely pre-mixed)
  • May be used as a primary molding sand or as a facing sand
Note: 50lbs sand is approximately 1000 cubic inches (10X10X10 cube, moderately rammed)

DANGER: This product contains crystalline silica, which has been linked to cancer, silicosis, and other diseases affecting internal organs. Generally, these diseases arise from repeated exposures in industrial use settings. It is prudent to wear respiratory protection at all times when working with this product (P100 dust mask or better). Also work outdoors or in well-ventilated areas only. Also, use good industrial hygiene practices: avoid allowing dust to accumulate, don't blow or sweep dust--instead use a HEPA vacuum to clean up, wash face and body after working with this product, don't eat or drink while using this product, and take steps to avoid bringing into living quarters (including on soiled clothing). This is a basic overview of the chronic health issues and mitigation strategies--however depending on specific use and size of operation, additional steps may be required for safe use. Please consult a professional industrial hygienist or other safety professional as needed. 

Foundry work is dangerous and has many hazards. Be sure to use appropriate safety equipment and obtain professional foundry instruction prior to using this product.

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